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For It Is Giving, That We Receive

Giving Economy Changemakers (GEC) is an independent initiative by Crowdera Foundation and its partners to escalate and trend the philanthropies of ‘Giving Economy’; an economy which benefits everyone. Liberality is a time-honored gift which Crowdera is celebrating from the past 11 years. The initiative backs the globally adopted Sustainable Development Goals of the United Nations to eradicate the biggest challenges of humanity in the next 15 years. Through GEC we want to felicitate the social changemakers of our society who have been working hard to improve the quality of life and to provide a global platform to them for networking, engaging and initiating brighter thoughts for a delighter future. This year we are going digital to make the programme accessible to everyone.

“At the GEC you will learn from world leaders and changemakers how to build an amazing company while incorporating doing good (aligned with at least one SDG) in your business model and how it is going to improve your chances of being successful. GEC will help you learn #GivingIsGood for your business.”

GEC2020 aims to deliver all this and more in a completely immersive digital experience.

Our Partners

Together with our partners, we’re passionate about your success.

“Giving is more than donating. It is about creating a real difference. Crowdera and its partners are building a map for the further evolution of abundance in the economy and taking it around the globe. This year we are going virtual to add importance of going digital in giving economy world”

Chet Jainn

Founder & CEO of Crowdera

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Jury Board

Asha Jadeja

Founder MITLI, MJFF, 
Rajeev Circle Fellowship


Independent Management
Consulting Professional


Chairman, Editor-In-Chief,
Dainik Bhaskar Noida


Leader From Amazon

Dr. Srinivas Chunduru

Chief Advisor
Strategic Alliances Crowdera

Divya Singhal

Chairperson, CSSA
Professor at GIM, Goa

Chet Jainn

Founder & CEO of Crowdera

The Giving Economy
Changemakers Fellowship

The budding entrepreneurs and students are investing tomorrow. Giving Economy ChangeMakers’ Fellowship (GECF) is a global platform for forging new dynamic approaches to socio-economic development and knowledge sharing in the developing world. It is a 60-day transformational work-from- college program aimed at building the leaders of tomorrow. Our diverse approach includes a stunning variety of sectors from vibrant small business and burgeoning creative communities.Any college student ,irrespective of degree, stream, and year of study can apply for this program. The aim for this fellowship is to provide opportunity to every young individual to develop themselves and contribute towards their surroundings as a responsibility.

Every volunteer shall be getting an offer letter, certificate & an experience letter during their term of 60 days and a chance to attain – 

Prestigious Certificates

Cash Incentives

Developing Core Skills

Do You Know Anyone Who Can Make A Difference ?

Nominate a Changemaker !

Frequently Ask Question

Giving Economy Changemakers (GEC) is a platform where we invite the changemakers to manifest how the economy tools can help endure philanthropic activities. The contributions focus on individual motives for giving and volunteering, and in particular how they affect donation outcomes, fundraising decisions, and public policies toward giving. In GEC we initiate talks on building the ‘giving economy’ stronger and felicitate the changemakers of the society.

The Giving Economy Movement is the most needed phenomenon to keep advancing the research on global philanthropy economy and to make socio-economic roots more stronger. The word ‘Money’ is derived from the word ‘Currency’ which is a latin term meaning ‘ to run or flow’. Money itself asks to keep the circulation going, otherwise, it begins to clog and stagnate. If we will hold onto our money and hoard it, we will stop its circulation back into our lives.  

The Giving Economy Changemakers was kicked off for the first time in 2018 at the TheGivingEconomyChangemakers Summit 2018 which was held on November 27, 2018 (#givingtuesday 2018) at the vibrant BKC in Mumbai.

GEC talks is a digital platform where the people from the different industries come together to draw focus on building a healthy network of a social commune and to prepare the world for the ongoing changes in the economy. It is an opportunity of accumulating the wisdom of changemakers together to understand the best methods of developing a sustainable economy for the world.

GEC Summit is an awe-inspiring platform which allows the changemakers to explore each other’s work and manifest their goals and philanthropies to the world with various screenings,panels discussions and networking space.

There are many changemakers who are even not aware of the contribution they have made to transform lives with their cause. These changemakers need to be appreciated for their good work. With GEC Awards we bring the faces of these people in the spotlight so more people can get inspired by them.

It is a 60 day workshop which br

ace you up future entrepreneurs and marketing gurus to get proper training in managing the business which also contributes to society and helps develop an economy that works for everyone. 

GEC Fellowship is an investment in people – people who will help advance our organization’s mission and goals. It provides an opportunity to enhance your skills and expand your professional network. Our fellowship organization has a social impact mission. It’s a two way process of helping you to set the goals  which are also important to you and to recognise how you can help the organization in achieving them. In addition, it will help you craft a strong personal statement for your future ambition.

Any college student of any course, year and stream is eligible to apply for this fellowship. This fellowship is designed to promote and boost the budding entrepreneurs and marketing geeks who want to have an experience of multinational growing startups.

We understand the importance of experience on paper and yes we provide a completion letter/certificate at the end of the programme.

A 3-4 hours a week is a minimum expectation from our side but we bet once you will join the programmes you will want to dedicate yourself to the work to learn more. It’s a golden opportunity to get experience of working with top skilled professionals.

Knowledge is never free, you have to pay attention and dedication but apart from that we don’t charge any fee to apply for the course and as well as after being selected. You do not have to pay anything either for applying to the GECF program or after getting selected.

About Us

“At the GEC you will learn from world leaders and changemakers how to build an amazing company while incorporating doing good (aligned with at least one SDG) in your business model and how it is going to improve your chances of being successful. 

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